Monday, February 22, 2010

Beautiful blogger award

I want to thank:

-Svenne from
-Romee from
-Axelle from
-Claudia from
-Leticia from
-Lili, Faralda, Lotte from

a lot for giving me the beautiful blogger award! <3

I'm supposed to share 7 random facts about myself with you now:

1. Me and my bestfriend do a lot of crazy things. We've been walking through a zoo and on a festival wearing a fake beard and a clown nose, we took an inflatable flamingo to the same festival and sometimes we take a walk and start shooting people with fake guns. Oh, and we even made a documentary about sponges!

2. I never eat the crusts of my bread.

3. My handwriting is quite ugly. A friend of mine once said:
Did I write this? I never knew my handwriting was that ugly?!
It turned out to be my handwriting, haha!

4. I can't stop laughing about this picture:

5. I broke my thumb a year ago when I tried to catch a basketball. Weird huh?

6. My dad works in a theatre/cinema, so I can see every movie or play for free with my friends!

7. Sometimes I just HAVE to make pictures of people with ugly shoes:

So, now I'm supposed to nominate 7 other bloggers for the beautiful blogger award!
I nominate:

Mari from
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Tim from
Trine & Line from
Ilse from
Coco Rosa from
Suze from

Btw, the rules are:

-Thank the blogger that gave this award to you
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  1. Superleuk om te lezen, je hebt er echt werk van gemaakt, vooral nr. 1 en 7 zijn grappig haha :)!
    En trouwens goed om te zien dat je die slangenring nog laatst bij Bijou Brigitte hebt gekocht, mijne is door midden gebroken namelijk, dan ga ik een nieuwe halen als ze hem nog hebben in Utrecht!

  2. Haha leuk!

    Ik had je trouwens ook genomineerd! Helemaal vergeten te zeggen.